Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fruit basket for side table (art work with cds)

cut pepsi bottles for base table 
Waste items used: 

30 used CDs
Wooden buttons from a bag
Scrap paper cutting from fruit vendor
Artificial Fruits
Fabric Colours, 
5 Pepsi bottles for table stand
Used Cardboard

The top row contains 12 CDs which are colored from the inner side. Let the shining sides of the CD face out. Now, stick wooden beads/buttons as shown in the photo on the shining side. Stick 6 CDs on a cardboard for the base of this row. Do remember that the CDs should overlap each other and you can stick them using Fevibond.
Now, for the table, take 12 CDs and put them flat down. They should overlap each other and again stick them using Fevibond. Paint and colour the CDs and the table is ready.

Take 5 Pepsi Bottles and cut the base (which is the lower part of the bottle only). Reverse these and stick the legs of these bottles to the bottom of the table.  

Fill the basket with scrap cutting papers (which you can easily source from your fruit vendor) and use Artificial fruits for presentation. The Fruit Basket with a side table is ready :)


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